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„Delightful album“
Congleton Chronicle (UK)
Marion & Sobo Band are really a group of passionate musicians that you should actually experience live, because the sparks are sure to fly over from the stage to the audience at lightning speed. This playful mood is wonderfully captured on their album Histoires. (…) Although the musicians might sway left and right to other sounds and styles, gypsy jazz remains their core business.
SWR2 (DE) Radio interview from the show „Tandem“ June 18th, 2021 with Luigi Lauer (translated from German)
Marion & Sobo create a generous, cross-cultural album. (…) Histoires will certainly bring joy to many people. 
Concerto (AT) 3-2021 (06-07-2021) (translated from German)
Her [Marion’s] voice, as light as a feather, fits perfectly with the transparent acoustic sound, in which the guitar and violin in particular set soloistic accents. Rarely has the sound of Django Reinhardt been brought into the present in such a trendy way.
Jazzthing (DE) (#139 / 06-08-2021) (translated from German) 


A special feature of the band is not only the colorful songs in different languages ​​with a lot of humor and from different genres, but above all Marion’s voice, which whispers tenderly at times, or makes virtuoso somersaults, and then grabs the attention again with energy. In addition, there are excellent instrumentalists (especially Sobo), who convince with brilliant solos – effects are not necessary here. The concept also works on Histoires and simply puts you in a good mood. (…) The musicians manage to stay true to their own style and always surprise the listener. Thirteen diverse stories for a relaxed evening!
Jazzthethik (DE) (09-10-2021) Verena Düren (translated from German) 
Their music avoids all stylistic clichés, outdated genre boundaries and generational prejudices. The musical basis is and remains jazz à la Grappelli and Reinhardt, but this is transformed into here and now with acrobatic solos, improvisations and surprising arrangements – with a large dose of French esprit (spirit), humor, scat singing and, despite all the musical ease a musical density that makes each of the thirteen songs – sung in six languages ​​- a musical jewel. (…) The singer has mastered the entire range of expressive singing, from the seemingly fragile laments of the Sinti and Roma to powerful Balkan grooves. Each title tells its own imaginative story.
Jazzpodium (DE) (08-09-2021) Rainer Bratfisch (translated from German) 
There was this minimally melancholic beginning, but then Marion & Sobo Band from Bonn grabbed the attention of their listeners immediately with their gypsy swing. Ah, Marion. Her famous voice jumps, pleads and whispers. Multilingual. Meanwhile, the Franco-German-Polish players not only follows the singer, but simply take the space they need. Not only do violin and guitar swing into stunning solos. The bowed bass creates space. Sonorities from the Balkans and percussive moments of surprise blend with chansons and improvisations. Together with the Franco-American Marion, the four instrumentalists paint incredibly atmospheric stories in which a dancing dragon sometimes appears.
Märkische Allgemeine (DE) (06-25-2021)  (translated from German)